Marketing Strategy & Planning

Build a marketing strategy with DDM that is informed, focused – and as unique as your business.

DDM Marketing Blueprints and plans, include:

  1. Internal stakeholder interviews to bring critical viewpoints to the table.  This input informs and focuses your integrated marketing and sales goals, to help define “success” in the year ahead.
  2. Customer or prospect interviews to uncover their perceptions, preferences and unmet needs as insight into your Marketing Blueprint.
  3. A competitive SWOT vis-a-vis your solutions to identify opportunities to position and approach the market more effectively.
  4. Your target buyers’ persona, challenges and needs.

DDM Marketing strategy recommendations, include…

  • Positioning and key messages
  • Thought leadership and content marketing themes
  • Marketing strategies, tactics and an annual integrated marketing and sales plan
  • Partner/alliance strategies and tactics
  • Monthly marketing tactics, with sales integration points
  • Monthly marketing milestones and metrics to monitor.

DDM will present your final Marketing Blueprint to your internal stakeholders to help facilitate understanding, buy-in and collaboration.

DDM can also help execute your Marketing Blueprint and plans throughout the year.