Our Focus

We help clients differentiate, engage prospects and win new business in financial services

  • Planning marketing strategy for next fiscal year?
  • Pursuing aggressive growth goals?
  • Expanding your target market?
  • Launching a new brand, product or services?
  • Building a thought leadership campaign?
  • Looking for new ways to fill the lead pipeline?
  • Struggling to make more executive connections?
  • Challenging the market leaders?
  • Entering the U.S. market?

Think of Dana Dolan Marketing (DDM) as an extension of your team that is ready to develop your custom, integrated marketing and sales strategy, develop or execute your lead generation campaigns - and help accelerate your business growth. DDM can also step in to serve as your interim Chief Marketing Officer or Marketing Director “on-demand”


Why DDM?

We are 100% focused on helping achieve clients’ business goals.  Time and expertise matter.  If you prefer to work directly with an experienced, versatile and innovative marketing executive on critical projects - look no further than DDM.  Learn more About Dana who has been an advisor to solutions providers in financial services for more than a decade.

Unlike traditional creative agencies which can involve time-consuming administrative layers or junior account teams, we are focused on financial services.   We take a custom approach using our DE3 Integrated Marketing and Sales Approach to help clients Differentiate with Insight, Envision Success, Engage Prospects and Enable Sales.