Voice-of-the-Customer Research

The job of VoC research is answering, “What matters to your customers?”

Based on a thorough understanding of your marketing goals, Dana Dolan Marketing (DDM) will develop VoC objectives, research segments, a qualitative research approach (interviews, focus groups or customer advisory board sessions) and critical areas to be explored. Output from this research is actionable strategies to help you differentiate, engage and improve your marketing, innovation or customer experience approach.

In objective VoC qualitative research, customers share problems, opportunities, unmet needs and trends that they associate with your company, products, services - and the competition.  “The truth” that is shared in customers’ (or prospects') own words through VoC, is revealing, actionable and critical to shaping go-to-market plans.  


Why use VoC research?

1.  To Accelerate Innovation

Get ahead of changing customer and market trends

  • How are customers’ needs and priorities changing?
  • What are prospects’ biggest challenges?
  • What are the related new product/market opportunities?

Test new product or service concepts 

  • What are customers’ reactions to new product or service concepts before they go to market?
  • How would they improve or change the new product or service concept?
  • Would they prioritize the new products/services for their organization?

 2.  To Increase Marketing Impact

Improve your positioning vis-a-vis competitors

  • How do prospects perceive your company vis-a-vis others in the category?
  • How do customers describe your value proposition today?  How do they expect you to help in the future?

 Improve marketing campaign effectiveness

  • What are the critical issues facing decision makers as they evaluate your product or service?  
  • What are prospects’ reaction to various marketing messages, tactics and offers before you roll them out?
  • How do customers and prospects prefer to communicate with your organization (channels, frequency and mix)?

 3.  To Build Stronger Customer Relationships

  • What do existing customers wish you could help them with?
  • What could you do to improve customers’ ongoing experience?
  • How would customers define a future value-added relationship with your organization?